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Germany and parts of Belgium are experiencing massive floods that have killed at least 120 people so far, not to mention the significant damage done to homes and stores. It is said that some of the worst damage was in Ahrweiler and Schuld, where entire villages were cut off and houses collapsed. In Belgium, the death toll rose to 12 with 5 people still missing.

President Steinmeier of Germany blames climate change for the flooding, and he’s probably right. …

Senate Bill 1211 was introduced in May of this year, and it allows 90% of Idaho’s Grey Wolf population of roughly 1,500 to be hunted and killed. This bill also increases funding for wolf-killing by the Idaho wolf Depredation Control Board (created in 2014 to use taxpayer dollars to fund killing wolves) from $110,000 to $300,000.

Those who are in support of this bill argue that the wolves kill too many livestock and are generally a danger to said livestock. However, “wolves kill less than a fraction of one percent of Idaho’s livestock annually.” …

The first Saturday in June is National Black Bear Day. Black bears are the most widely distributed bear in North America as they are found in 40 U.S states and every Canadian province. Although Black Bears are not considered an endangered species (in fact, the Black Bear population is actually increasing), I wanted to use them as an example of a generally protected species. For example there are roughly 900,000 Black Bears in North America with the population increasing, and 23 states have made Black Bear hunting illegal. …

A lot of the articles about this topic are super lengthy and hard to comprehend, so this is basically what happened.

On June 1st, the Biden Administration made headlines as they suspended oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Before President Biden took office this year, the Trump Administration had planned to drill in Alaska’s Coastal Plain, an area home to caribou, waterfowl, and what’s left of the region’s polar bears.

With that being said, the Biden Administration is taking steps to block those leases because of problems regarding its environmental impact. In Biden’s campaign, he pledged…

Fashion brand Dolce and Gabanna has a history of racist/homophobic/downright offensive statements, so let’s break down Dolce and Gabanna’s troubling past.

In 2015, Stefano Gabanna and Domenico Dolce declared they were against same sex marriage and firmly believed in a “traditional” family, meaning a man and a woman. They also declared they were against same-sex adoption, further insulting the LGBTQ+ community. In the same interview, Dolce added “You are born to a mother and a father- or at least that’s how it should be”. Dolce and Gabanna were a couple for several years, so wouldn’t it be overwhelmingly hypocritical to…


(And TikTok)

I deleted TikTok approximately 6(ish) weeks ago, and one of the main reasons for doing so was because of how immature cancel culture is. I got tired of seeing “drama” or “feuding”, so I just left the app. There were definitely other reasons to my decision for deleting the app as a whole, but those are for another time. Let’s talk about cancel culture.

Cancel Culture is basically the group of people who think they have the authority to “cancel” someone- as in make everyone hate them, try to get rid of their fame, etc. Now, 2020 was the year…


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